Early films by Chloé Mossessian & Hank Mittnacht (Hank Midnight)
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Underground River (2021, 25’, Belgium)

Excerpt from the film
Production during artist residency Huet Repolt 2021, in partnership with the Sewer Museum of the City of Brussels & The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

2022,Y a de l’Orage, Collectif Portail x Premiers Films, Frac Bourgogne, Chagny, FR
2022, IRIS SIDUS, Art Brussels Off Programme, Residency HR, Brussels, BE
2021, Festival Premiers Films, La Supérette, Malakoff, FR
2021, Public screening, Restitution, artist residency Huet Repolt

In 1865, Brussels commenced a six-year project devoted to burying the Senne: a river in the heart of the city which had become so polluted during the Industrial Revolution that officials deemed it a public health hazard. The story of the burying of the Senne is one which demonstrates our separateness from nature both literally and figuratively. Within each of us is a buried river— a buried consciousness— submerged beneath the same antipathetical currents of separateness which drove the Industrial Revolution. The river flows on within all of us.

The Hat (2020, 91’, USA)

Film trailer

Official Selection - New Filmmakers New York 2021

When I make a hat, I like to put the right vibe and connections in it. The person who wears the hat can feel my energy, we can feel connected. In the back of The Malchijah Hats Store, on an old fashioned Willcox & Gibbs millinery sewing machine, Marcus Kilkenny spoke to us as he sculpted a hat out of a velvety gray fabric. If you wear my crown, I like for you to feel a touch of regal, a touch of empowerment. We made a film in which our friends drew open prompts from Marcus’ hat. The participants ponder the ocean, the moon, and the profundity of music, love, and individuality in a continually changing world.

Concert for The Sun (2019, 40’, France)

Excerpt from the film

2020, Festival La distance séparant l’oeuf du sol, Marseille, FR
2020, Théâtre des Expositions, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR
2019, Los Angeles Experimental Forum - Mention d’honneur
2019, Los Angeles Underground Film Forum - Mention d’honneur
2019, VHS #4 Concert for the Sun, Le Houloc, Aubervilliers, FR
2019, Concert for the Sun, Session.s artist-run-space, Marseille, FR
2019, Bains de Minuit, Nuit de la Culture, Esch-sur-Alzette, LUX
2019, Blue, Boy, Sand Castle Collective, Brooklyn, NY, US

Concert for the Sun is a cinematic and musical experience where contemplative landscapes and archival footage meet. Images from the 80’s show a young couple enamored of nature. Without the use of words, the film explores the language of the Sun both as an instrument of linearity and form as well as a luminous reminder of that which is ephemeral, chaotic, and formless: the nature of our own being.